Professional references available upon request.

"I would like to shout out an unseen hero, Mr. Jeff Rew, Albert Hill ITRT. He is the machine behind Albert Hill's social media pages and is always responsive to parent, student, and staff needs with technology. Mr. Rew goes above and beyond by calling parents to walk them through tech issues. He responds quickly to emails and direct messages. He makes directional and informational posts to Albert Hill's social media pages to help families and staff navigate Google Classroom, RPS@Home, YouTube, and all things technology."

"Jeff Rew creates the best social media content to keep us all informed and engaged."

-Shout outs from Albert Hill's principal in the superintendent's daily RPS Direct email

"I would like to send a special shoutout to Jeff Rew, the ITRT at Albert H. Hill Middle School. He has been an amazing support to the teachers throughout this virtual school year! This year he went above and beyond as the audio designer and video editor for our virtual school play, and let me tell you, I couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out! He spent countless hours working to incorporate all my notes and to ensure that it was the best it could be. I consider myself and all the teachers at Albert Hill very lucky to have such an incredibly supportive and helpful ITRT with Jeff Rew!"

-Shout out from a colleague at Albert Hill in the superintendent's daily RPS Direct email

"Thank you so much to Jeff Rew, Albert Hill’s Instructional Technology Resource Teacher. While out of town we encountered problems with logging onto virtual school. Almost immediately, I received a call/text communication from Jeff. His suggestion worked and we are online!! You and your team are gold!!"

-Shout out from a parent in the superintendent's daily RPS Direct email

"I wanted to shout out Jeff Rew, the ITRT at Albert Hill Middle School. I walk multiple times a day every day past the tennis courts near the school. As a former tennis player, I always loved seeing the truly diverse group of people who played there daily. Kids, adults, black, white, hipster roller skaters, etc. In the last few months the gates have been locked and left that way for weeks - and I’d just see disappointed people walk/bike to the court and be unable to play. My neighbor has a relative on the School Board and even said she was going to talk to her relative about the courts. I figured it was worth a shot to message the school on Facebook and even see if they remembered the gates were locked. Jeff immediately responded and followed up with multiple people and got the gates unlocked. A week later the gates had been locked again and left that way for 10 days. I messaged Jeff, and he had them unlocked yet again. In a world where great community customer service is nearly impossible to find, Jeff made a difference when it would have been so easy to ignore. Thanks, Jeff!"

-Shout out from a community member in the superintendent's daily RPS Direct email

"You're efficient, you inspire, and you know things. You've been very helpful this year."

-Social Studies Colleague

"Mr. Rew has been an asset to our school building. He does not hesitate to assist any staff with their technological needs in addition to modeling for for teachers how to use the latest technology to enhance classroom instruction."

-Assistant Principal, End of Year Evaluation

"Jeff is to be commended for his constant vigilance in support of not only technology issues in his buildings, but also for his unswerving fidelity to social studies. He is willing, capable, and well-rounded in all things tech related and never hesitates to support teachers and admins. I applaud his out-of-the-box thinking and his willingness to step forward and take ownership of tasks that will support student success. He is a valued member of the ITRT group."

-Instructional Technology Specialist/Supervisor, End of Year Evaluation

"Mr. Rew is an excellent resource for our teachers. He is cooperative and dependable. He has been supportive of all content area and elective teachers and attended to their technology needs in a timely fashion. We are grateful for his contributions and expertise."

-Assistant Principal, End of Year Evaluation

"Jeff is consistently the person who will go way beyond the scope of an ITRT in order to support his teachers and admins. He continues to beef up his own skills in order to better support his teachers. He his a strong team player and a great member of our team."

-Instructional Technology Specialist/Supervisor, End of Year Evaluation

"Mr. Rew inspired me to become the history teacher that I am today and was a great role model while I was growing up."

-Former Student