Creating a Class Website with Blogger

I'm a big fan of Blogger. It's easy to use, highly customizable, and in addition to its obvious use as a blog, it can also be used for websites as well. This step-by-step walkthrough was created to show teachers how to create class websites with it that be quickly and easily updated from day-to-day or week-to-week. 

Creating a Walkthrough Using Clarify

Clarify was an amazing app I discovered years ago that made it easy to quickly create walkthroughs with screenshots. My supervisor was so impressed with what I created with it that she bought licenses for everyone else on my team. In addition to training them on its use I created this walkthrough on how to create walkthroughs with it. While it's since been discontinued it remains my go-to app for guide creation.

Google Tools - Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides

A set of guides I put together to introduce teachers to using Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Using Google Forms to Create Assessments and Using Google Sheets to Review Data

A recording of a session (one of many I've done over the last few years) that I presented to teachers on using Google Forms to create assessments and then review the data with Google Sheets. 

Other Projects

Mileage Sheet

In the winter of 2019 I was asked to redesign my school district's old paper version of the mileage reimbursement sheet and create a version that could done completely online through Google Sheets. What I came up with involved a sheet listing the mileage between every building in the district and a drop down menu that would automatically find the mileage when the buildings one was traveling between were selected. From there it takes the amounts entered and automatically calculates the total amounts and the reimbursement owed.

The Rebellion School Play

Due to restrictions in place because of COVID, the spring 2021 play at Albert Hill Middle School was completely virtual. The theatre teacher recorded the students acting out scenes via Zoom but needed help putting everything together. Based on her vision and directions I edited together numerous clips along with adding music and transitions. 

Harnessing the Power of Social Media Blog Post

Part of my responsibilities as a member of the Greater Richmond Area Education Technology Consortium is contributing a post to the group's blog. I wrote this post around how teachers can use social media to not only enhance their classroom instruction but connect with other educators and expand their Personal Learning Network.

HyperDocs - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

HyperDocs are essentially interactive worksheets. They are a Google Doc, centered around a task or concept, with links to various websites, documents, and other media that help the user accomplish the task or learn the concept. I created these three to introduce teachers to social media networks and how to use them in education.

Jeff Rew, ITRT

My virtual office of sorts. A website I created using Google Sites to store various training materials and make them easily assessable to my staff.

Google Forms

Learning Walkthrough

The principal of one of my schools wanted a form that she could use for classroom walkthroughs. The form I designed for her not only provides her a way to record her observations but once it's submitted the data is automatically collated onto a PDF using the Autocrat add-on and then emailed to the teacher.